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Photo (19Kb)
Performance in dievturi (godholders - Latvian neopagans) gathering, 2001

      Name: Dimzēns
          meaning: toponym
          recommended transcription in English: Dimzens
          approximate pronunciation in English: Dimzens
          Listen pronunciation in AU format (16 Kb)

      Created: 7 September 1993
      Location: Jelgava, Zemgalia
      Leaders: Velta Leja
      Number of participants: 35, of them by age:
          younger than 14 years: 5
          from 14 to 24 years: 8
          from 25 to 44 years: 10
          from 45 to 64 years: 10
          older than 64 years: 2
      and by gender:
          males: 8
          females: 27
      Forms of activity: sing, play music, dance, play roundelays
      Musical insruments: kokle (psaltery), violin, drum, guimbarde, squeeze-box, pipe, clappers, threestick.

      Symbolics: Flag of the folklore ensemble Dimzēns.
    Photo of the flag (7Kb)

      Description: Dimzēns is ensemble of the Jelgava Culture house. In it sings people, who love Latvian folksongs, folkdances and a life's outlook at all.
    The group performed in more than hundred populated places of Latvia, and also abroad - in Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Czechs, participated in five festivals Baltica. In 1999 participants of ensemble have organized an International folklore festival Jelgava.
    Since 2000 youngest participants of the group have organized a subgroup Mazais Dimzēns, and they rehearse both separate and together with adults. They successfully participate in childrens' festivals and competitions.

Photo (34Kb)

      Sound sample: Ak tu, zelta lakstīgala (Ah you, the golden nigthtingale) (2003)
One couplet in AU format (234 Kb)
Full song in MP3 format (412 Kb)

          in Latvian: Velta Leja, Dambja 15a, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvija
          in English: Velta Leja, Dambja str. 15a, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvia
      Phone: (+371) 30-25107
      Home page:

      Date of presenting the information: 4 September 2003, 23 January 2005

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