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Folk values group

      Name: Dzieti
          meaning: sprouts
          recommended transcription in English: Dzieti
          approximate pronunciation in English: Dzeti
          Listen pronunciation in AU format (14 Kb)

      Created: 1981
      Location: Cesis, Vidzeme
      Leader: Dace Balode
      Number of participants: 13, of them by age:
          younger than 14 years: 3
          from 14 to 24 years: 1
          from 25 to 44 years: 7
          from 45 to 64 years: 2
      and by gender:
          males: 3
          females: 10
      Forms of activity: sing, play music, dance, play roundelays
      Musical insruments: accordion, kokle (psaltery), violin, monochord, pipes, drum, bagpipe, guimbarde, various pulsatile instruments (washboard, clappers, tinklers etc.)

      Symbolism: Flag of folk values group Dzieti in 1994 was made by artist Inese Vecināne (tapestry technology). On the flag there are displayed sprouts - in philosophical sense of this word - communication with space, with the divine world, with the terrestrial life, with nature.
    Flag's photo (6Kb)

      Description: In 1980 the folklore ensemble of Cesis Culture house was founded, and March 9 1990 it found a name - Dzieti. From the beginning until this day the group is managed by Dace Balode.
    In the musical dowry of Dzieti there are more than 600 tunes. Ancient traditions and rituals are studied and restored - calendar and household rites, extensive folklore material is used - songs, beliefs, customs, legends.
    The group has acted everywhere in Latvia, has participated in the Baltica festivals, in the Songs and dances festival, two times has visited Germany (in 1996 and 1997), has been recorded on radio, has been filmed on TV.
    Participants of the group play on different folk instruments. Some instruments (monochord and pulsatiles) are made by the participants themselves.
    The participants also make their costumes. Each participant has a celebratory woolen and a summer linen costume.

          in Latvian: Dace Balode, Annas 21, Cēsis, LV-4101, Latvija
          in English: Dace Balode, Annas 21, Cesis, LV-4101, Latvia
      Phone: (+371) 41-25183 (h.), 41-25067 (o.)

      Date of presenting the information: 29 August 1998

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