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Group of awareness of traditional culture
Trokšņu iela

Photo (35Kb)
Review of the folklore festival Baltica, January 2006

      Name: Trokšņu iela
          meaning: Street of noises
          recommended transcription in English: Troksnu iela
          approximate pronunciation in English: Truokshngu eala
          Listen pronunciation in AU format (17 Kb)

      Created: October 1998
      Location: Riga
      Leader: Anete Simanovska
      Number of participants: 7, of them by age:
          from 14 to 24 years: 1
          from 25 to 44 years: 6
      and by gender:
          males: 2
          females: 5
      Forms of activity: sing, play music, dance, play roundelays
      Musical insruments: violin, drum and other pulsatile instruments, monochord, pipes, guimbarde, psaltery, harmonica.

      Description: The group arouse in autumn 1998. Number of participants has been changing from 3 to 8 since then, and newcomers are always welcome. The name of the group (`Alarm street`) comes from a border-street of the medieval Riga, the address of our former rehearsal place. It has become a symbol of the border in our minds since we have come together inside the walls of Riga; still we never forget the “outside” of our ancestors where we come from.
    Our concern in traditional culture is all-inclusive. We pay a special attention to contemporary phenomena indicating eventual – evident or hidden – continuance of old tradition. Thus firstly everyone of us grounds on the heritage of one’s own family. We study and learn to interpret tradition from different regions of Latvia together. We highlight the difference as well as look for the context of the large European culture regions and that is why we also take interest in traditions of other nations.
    Our main activities are as follows:
    ~ traditional singing: under guidance of specialists, we study recordings of the old bearers of the tradition emphasizing manner of intoning based on local dialect as well as discuss semantics of the text;
    ~ traditional music: for the present, we are in a stage of individual learning of various musical instruments and studying historical, cultural and social context of using them (violin, drums a.o. percussion, Latvian board zither (kokles), birch-bark trumpets, various flutes, traditional two-stringed viol (ģīgas), hurdy-gurdy, harmonica, mouth-harp…). We consult with connoisseurs of the rules of playing in a band in order to make our own soon. We also do not let pass a possibility to play together with musicians from other groups;
    ~ old traditional crafts: tablet and reed-weaving, needle-knitting, spinning with a spindle, netting; log building etc. in professional and amateur levels. We learn more and more while making our historical costumes – one by fashion of Eastern Baltic of XII-XIV centuries, and another by Latvian tradition in the XIX century. We pay most attention to the general style and mentality of the period, and do not forget social status of our ancestors and ourselves;
    ~ vulnerary plants, natural dyestuff, traditional kitchen: exploring heritage of one’s own family in comparison with others. We do cooking and gardening, and gather wild plants as well as read special books about the subject.
    Our desire to live as we like is why we keep together. Presenting ourselves as a group gives us more possibilities to take an active participation in various public events, to meet people and learn about what is new. One can meet us as a folklore ensemble in a concert or festival as well as craftsmen or seasoning and vulnerary plant sellers in a medieval fair or traditional crafts market-day. We constantly look for something interesting to take part in thus invitations from nice people to agreeable events are always welcome.

Photo (36Kb)
In Lithuania, May 2005

          in Latvian: Anete Simanovska, Meža 7a-48, Salaspils, Rīgas raj., LV-2169, Latvija
          in English: Anete Simanovska, Meza 7a-48, Salaspils, Riga distr., LV-2169, Latvia
      Phone: (+371) 26548358 (c.)
      Fax: (+371) 7240409 (with message – for Anete Simanovska)

      Date of presenting the information: 16 January 2007

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