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Group's "Kokle" cassette's presentation, Riga,
22 February 2003

      At the evening of February the 22 the hall of the Folk Music Centre was so overcrowded, that, if an apple was able to find where to fall down, then many backsides was not, and legs and walls tooked a lot of load too.


      After a small delay, the concert began by a speech of group's leader Dina Kalniņa, addressing the listeners to perceive the concert as a story and to be conducted. To tell the truth, the author of given clause has got a little bit other impression - the songs were so different, that did not united in a musical story.
      It is possible to divide the ensemble on three "generations" - youth, children and small children. These groups acted both together and separately. The songs were different both thematically and by arrangements: from singing "a capella" with a circular dancing or hands' clapping up to psalteries-pipes-violins "orchestra", accompanied by guitars and foreign-made drums played by guest musicians. The concert consisted of two parts, in the break the participants have changed their clothes. It 's difficult to understand why, because the parts did not differ musically.


      After the concert the ensemble has expressed gratitude to people which have helped to issue the cassette, everyone of them got a yellow round cheese, that, obviously, was a gastronomic interpretation of the name of the new album - "The small sun has arrived".
      At the end was an entertainment and, certainly, also dancing.
      I was surprised, that on presentation was given such little attention to the cassette itself. Only once somebody told, that "it is possible to buy the cassette somewhere here". This evening reminded me an accounting concert, on which performers shows all what they are able to show to their relatives and friends. Simultaneous playing of large groups on psalteries, violins and blockflutes was not reasonable neither musically nor from the point of view of the folklore tradition.
      Finally I have found, bought and heard the cassette. And I pleased it: I heard both a story, promised at the concert, and a pleasant playing, and a beautiful singing.

      Article: Jānis Barons, 20 March 2003
      Photos: Jānis Barons

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