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Presentation ball of the album "Over The Roof", Riga,
12 June 2003

      In a warm and pleasant Thursday's evening of June in the Small Guild of Riga admirers of folk music were going to mark by celebration a joyful event - the presentation of the third album of the band Maskačkas spēlmaņi - Pāri jumtam (Over The Roof).


      To the ball came both folklore experts and friends, unseen for a long time: the publicity of the activity was well - now by personal invitations, now in mass media.


      On the face of it a lay-out of the hall was unusual: chairs along walls, at the centre opposite to the doors - a small podium-stage. After a small delay "originators" of the ball have appeared; the entrance has justified the expectation - the new costumes have brought to the hall a spirit of a ball.


      There simply was not a concert. And it is understandable, why. After hearty words of gratitude to persons who helped to release the new disc, and a mutual presentation with John's day's crowns and flowers the ball was announced: now sounded waltzes, polkas, marches and some dances with more refined names - Pas d'Espagne, Olympia etc. In the hall was carried trays with food and jugs with beer. The people was equal so much, that the hall seem filled, but ball passed without superfluous crush.


      All in all it would be desirable to note, that Maskačkas spēlmaņi have reached a new artistic level, they made a good stylistic coordination of the repertoir, the manner of performance, the costumes and the visual design of the disc. A personal contribution of each of the musicians and a careful research of a traditional styles of playing are felt; the album, by the words, is recorded alive, all together. The band has given to feel a taste of a folk music and of a ball music too, which is quite actual also novadays. I hope, that this album is a beginning of a collection of such recordings.

      Article: Dace Prūse, 27 June 2003
      Photos: Harijs Pelle

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