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"Dimzens" 15'th anniversary,
Jelgava, 9 November 2003

      Folklore ensemble Dimzēns was created in middle of September, but, because of repairs of Jelgava Culture house, it's ten years was observed only on Martin's day. At doors of the hall heros of anniversary met the visitors by a nice dancing music.


      The concert, certainly, began by a performance of the hosts. At first they have remembered the generations, which have left to us so beautiful songs and dances (time between the Michael's day and the Martin's day is considered as a time of souls of deads). Then, together with Trejupe, they danced a Martin's dance. In continuation a very successful synthesis of a legend (about Martin, Catherine, Andrew and Barbara) and songs was shown . Such shows became more and more popular, and it's not bad - people, not connected with the folklore movement, finds them more interesting.


      Certainly, a birthday without guests is not a birthday, thus, have arrived almost all folklore ensembles from Latvian Zemgalia and one ensemble from Lithuanian Zemgalia, from the city of Joniskis.


      Only foreigners - the Lithuanian group Kuparas - showed a full performance. Unfortunately, the ensemble, despite of a plenty of the participants, has made rather pitiable impression. First, the costumes were gaudy, not appropriate to the folk traditions: a majority of the women had amber beads, two girls were in pseudo archeological overalls and tank-boots, the leader was in not-authentic material's vest. Secondly, the performance itself was with a claim, but the level of performance did not reach it. For example, the singing was loud, but out of tune and insincere. Squeeze-boxers played good, but it is not clear, why the groups' leader has joined them with her poor violin's playing. Psalteries were not tuned together between themselves and with a pipe (and the leader played very bad on the pipe too). The guitar sounded so, as it was tuned for the last time three months ago. In fact, the ensemble has shown some interesting dances, and the last song sounded well.

Rota from Jelgava

      After a roundelay showed by Dimzēns to the stage came an other group from Jelgava - the children's vocal studio Rota, which has shown evidently, in what perverted form till now in some places teach folk songs to children under an accompaniment of a piano children exactly illustrated a text of songs by motions, and also moved and squated in very modern manner.

Small barells, large barells...

      It was time of speeches of officials: speaked a representative of the State Centre of Traditional Arts and the chairman of Jelgava City council.


      From Latvian ensembles - bearers of congratulations, the first came Trejupe from Bauska. It is a pity, that they not changed the song, which already has sounded at the concert. Behind their comic congratulatory song was magnificent.

Rota from Dobele

      The hosts also have congratulated Rota and Puduris from Dobele, Dreņģeri from Bauska and Vecsaule's, Livberze's (it had in the staff an authentic player of a well sounding Petersberg's squeeze-box) and Svitene's (they have presented an alive cock in a crate) folklore ensembles.


      After the last going out of Dimzēns all people have invited to an other hall, where were covered very rich tables. Dances were played by the hosts and the Lithuanian guests, and all the people danced.
      It would be desirable to note, that in honour of the anniversary Dimzēns has recorded and released a compact disc.

      Article: Ansis Ataols Bērziņš, 18 November 2003
      Photos: Ansis Ataols Bērziņš

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