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    Unfortunately, developers of HTML standards and leading Web browsers (MSIE, Netscape) were considered very little with people, who uses other code pages. But with people, who needs two code pages on one Web page, were not considered at all. The only solution, provided by browsers developers, is a usage of unicode (UTF-8 code page). However, it is not acceptable for us, because:
   - it is supported only by the newest browsers;
   - it is mostly not supported by Web search engines;
   - the size of files increase dramatically;
   - it is not supported by editing programs we use to edit our files.
    Therefore simultaneous use of Latvian and Russian languages on Web pages is a large problem. Some try to solve it by creation of new code pages (for example, Neofont), but we need to use RIM code page for Latvian text, and win-1251 - for Russian, because we wish our pages to be findable through search engines.
    Therefore we have developed special fonts, which, if so it is possible to be expressed, "deceive" vainglorious MSIE and Netscape.
    MSIE 4+ and Netscape 4+ support so-called dynamic fonts, which are downloaded together with page. We too have developed dynamic versions of our fonts both for MSIE, and for Netscape, but these technologies for the present are new and crude, so in many cases work incorrectly. Therefore we have developed versions of our fonts for leading OS and we recomend to install them to behold our pages in their original look.

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