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Latvian folklore groups

    Welcome to our Web site! Here you will find information about almost all Latvian adult folklore groups (some, unfortunately, have not found the time or resources to send material).
    The groups are classified in alphabetic order and in administrative district order as shown on a map of Latvia. It is also possible to choose groups by other various parameters.
    Each group has a separate page which contains general information, description, photos and sounds. The description is written by the participants or leader of the group. However, the sounds are not of a high quality due to the large file-size which would be required and are created in two formats: all songs are in MP3 format and one verse is in AU format. Some groups have sent only partial information, so don't be surprised if there is an absence of photos or songs.
    We hope that our catalogue will give visitors an opportunity to get a good understanding of Latvian folklore and ethnographic ensembles and to choose suitable material for their own use.
    The catalogue is created thanks to the support of the Soros foundation - Latvia, which has supported Ansis Ataols Bērziņš' project Latvian folklore groups catalogue on the Internet within the Internet program and also thanks to the groups which were not lazy and sent the requested information.
    We understand that our English translation is not very good and has many mistakes. In any case, we would be very grateful if you helped us to correct it.

Project is supported by Soros foundation - Latvia

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03 September 2018

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